I'm Nicolas Hairon, a computer science engineer.

I like taking part to interesting web projects. I work with XHTML, AJAX, PHP and Java EE technologies. I experienced semantic web technologies and I'm currently working on projects using Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR.

Feel free to browse my curriculum [fr] or contact me at .

In the following are detailed the main projects I took part.


    • Xerox Research Centre Europe

    Since September 2009

    Xerox Research Centre Europe

    I'm currently working as a research and development engineer on innovative web applications using the Adobe Flex/AIR framework for client applications and Java/Spring/Hibernate for server back end.


    • Xerox Research Centre Europe

    February—July 2009

    Xerox Research Centre Europe

    I carried out my end-of-studies internship in Xerox Research Centre Europe, in Meylan, near Grenoble. I worked on a project involving semantic web technologies (Jena semantic framework, W3C semantic web standards RDF and SPARQL) and the Flex/AIR framework.


    • Ensimag Network Project: Internet Map
    • Ensimag Network Project: Internet Map
    • Ensimag Network Project: Internet Map

    September 2008—January 2009

    Ensimag Network Project: Internet Map

    An engineering school project currently carried out by team. The aim is to compute and display a partial internet map.

    Routes are acquired with a specially developed traceroute tool, and sent to a web server that mashs it up with geolocation databases and Google maps.

    An online documentation is available here and the final report is here.


    • Inscripto
    • Inscripto
    • Inscripto



    This web application was specially developed for the Moutain Bike Sport School of the Grenoble university campus. The purpose was to ban paper sheets for the student registeration and ease student management of the person in charge of the sport schoool.

    Inscripto was used for the first time by the Moutain Bike Sport School in September 2007. Today, other sport school on the Grenoble campus would like to set up a similar system for students registeration.

    Build using PHP framework CodeIgniter and JavaScript/AJAX framework jQuery.

    • Mezcalito



    In June and July 2008, I carried out a two-month internship with Mezcalito, an internet start-up based in Grenoble.

    I covered there a large panel of tasks closely related to web, from CSS integration to AJAX/PHP development.

    • Jamendo



    From November 2006 to August 2007, I have helped the development team of Jamendo.

    This fun start-up, based in Luxembourg, proposes to all all-day artists to broadcast freely and legally their music throught internet under Creative Commons licenses.

    I was involved in the development of a new search engine based on content indexing. I also carried out an one-month summer internship by the side of Jamendo team. It has consisted in extending the PEAR module Services Blogging to post blog entries on multiple blog platforms directly from Jamendo.